Vastu tips when buying a home to ensure positivity

Vastu tips when buying a home to ensure positivity

Vastu is a traditional method of following a set of rules to build and maintain homes that assure a life of prosperity, comfort and peace. Vastu Shastra is a mix of science and art; it blends the five elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space) and uses the science of direction to make sure that the dwellers of the homes live a healthy and wealthy life. The builders while constructing the homes should adhere to the rules and norms of Vastu. Vastu has a distinct set of rules for developing a building and these can only be applied at the time of construction; Vastu also has a different set of rules to maintain a home.

Follow these Vastu tips while buying a home to ensure a peaceful and comfortable life:

1. Vastu tips for Bedrooms: Bedroom is the most personal spot in a home and thus it needs a lot of attention and care while it is being planned. Some of the important Vastu tips for the bedroom are:

a. Make sure that the door is made of strong material so that your personal life is free from outside interference and you can rest comfortably.
b. Upon entering, ensure that the first thing you glance at makes you happy and positive. This can be anything from a photo of your family, flowers or even a painting.
c. Your bedroom should not be messy; there should be ample space for movement and the bedroom should be squeaky clean.

2. Vastu tips for living rooms: The living room is the place where the family gathers together and have discussions. It is also the place where your guests sit when they visit you. It is an important area of the house since it can attract a lot of attention from the outside. By following these Vastu rules for living rooms you can ensure positivity in the house:

a. When sitting in the living room, the owner should face the north or the east and the guests could either sit beside the owner or opposite to him.
b. All the electronic items should be kept in the south of the living room as this is the direction Vastu considers to be the direction of fire.
c. The living room should be at a lower level than the rest of the house to ensure comfort for both the guests and the owners.

3. Vastu tips for kitchens: A Kitchen is a place where all the people attain their health from, and we all know that health is wealth. Therefore a lot of attention should be given to the Vastu rules for the kitchen which are:

a. The Kitchen should be at the corner of the house.
b. The electric gadgets such as the mixer and grinder should be at the south of the house as this is the direction of fire.
c. The kitchen should not be placed next to the bedroom.
d. The water should be placed in the north-east region of the kitchen as this is the best direction for water as determined by Vastu.

By complying with the Vastu tips while buying a home you can live a life full of prosperity, happiness, health and wealth.

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