Top home designs to keep an eye out for in 2018

Top home designs to keep an eye out for in 2018

With the ever-changing lifestyle of humans, everything is changing be it their choices of clothes or home, interiors need to change too. Let’s take a look at the home decor trends we might see in 2018.

Warmer tones in the Kitchen:

While most of the people prefer white colour for the kitchen, in 2018 homeowners are expected to move away from monotonous white and add warmer colours grey and blue to give their kitchen a unique and fresh look.

Rich Colours throughout the home:

Warmer shades such as grey, red and brown-blacks are expected to supplant the lighter colours of white, yellow etc. These hues not only add lavishness but also set the mood right whenever one steps in their home.

Stainless steel sinks will be superseded by Granite Sinks:

As useful as they may be, Stainless steel sinks have been in the trend for quite a time now. It’s time for them to make their exit. They will be replaced by Concrete or Granite composite sinks with darker hues such as bronze, grey or black.

Vintage interior lighting may make a return:

Chandeliers and sconces are expected to make a comeback in 2018. Rustic lighting and pennant lights might also return because of the necessary light they provide.

Less Cluttered modern Bedrooms:

In 2018, people will finally adopt ‘less is more’ rule and opt for minimal but modern furnishing in their bedroom. Bold colours will be replaced by calm colours as they’ll bring calmness to the tiredness from the day.

Modern Tiles with fresh patterns:

Old and boring tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen will clear a path for more modern and unique tiles which will give an appearance of resin, fabric, wood and concrete.

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