Will 2018 see a rise in the Real Estate Market?

In 2017, the performance of the real estate market was insipid as compared to the past 4-5 years. During the past decade, Real Estate was one of the top choices for investors to invest their money in. But due to demonetization in India, the real estate sector has been affected hard and has seen a dip in sales. In 2017, the industry saw approximately 50% dip in sales as compared to 2016.

But to cheer up investors and homebuyers here is some good news: Real Estate industry will be back on track in 2018 as predicted by the experts. The reasons for this are:

Real Estate regulatory law:

The Central Government announced a Real Estate regulatory law last year, stating that a limited one- year extension on the completion deadline under the Act was compulsory rather than optional. This law will force the builders to deliver the projects on time and the delay in the delivery of the projects will end. Therefore, the homebuyers can rest assured that the projects will be delivered on time as promised by the developer.

Buyers can get loans at cheaper rates:

The government of India declared that people with an annual income of up to Rs. 18 Lacs will be eligible for loans at a lower rate to build or buy a house of up to 1500 sq ft; the restriction which was previously limited to 1100 sq ft. And those with an annual income of up to Rs. 12 Lacs can buy or build a home of 1200 sq. Ft; which was previously restricted to 900 sq ft.

Improvement in Infrastructure of Delhi – NCR

With the development of many metro stations and corporate offices, especially in Noida, a lot of potential investors are looking forward to investing in property in Delhi – NCR as it is predicted to provide great returns on their investment in the near future.

With these factors into consideration, many experts claim that the real estate industry will be back on track in 2018 and it will be a good time to invest in property.

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Air Force Approves Civilian Flights From Hindon Base In Ghaziabad

In Ghaziabad, 7 acres of land near Hindon air base is about to start flight operations for the civilians from the Indian Air Force (IAF) facility, which will essentially render it into the second airport in the Delhi-NCR which will be used for commercial flights.

To lessen the heavy burden faced by the Delhi’s IGI airport; the civil aviation ministry is looking to use the Hindon Air base- housing the IAF’s heavy lift transport aircraft Globemaster- as a supplementary facility till the completion of Jewar International Airport in Greater Noida.

The Air force had agreed in August to allow the use of the air base for civilian flights under the government’s regional connectivity scheme (RCS).

The area on which the government intends to construct the infrastructure for flights is in Sikandarpur village, next to the base’s perimeter wall. A separate gate for passengers and a seating area will be developed in this part, Authorities said. The existing runway can be used by the Passenger Flights. The Hindon air base is approximately 10 km from Dilshad Garden Metro Station on the red line of the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation).

The Officials of the Airport Authority of India, the air force and Ghaziabad administration recently examined the Sikandarpur site. Ghaziabad DM Ritu Maheshwari said, “Two sites were surveyed but Sikandarpur village was found to be suitable and there is in-principle agreement to use it for developing civilian infrastructure,”.

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