4 New Bridges Across River Hindon to Improve Noida-Gr Noida Connectivity

In an effort to improve connectivity between two cities of Noida and Greater Noida; the twin authorities have in principal approved the construction of our new bridge across through the River Hindon. These facilities will not only bring the two cities closer but also provide connectivity to Delhi, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. Each bridge will be built at an estimated cost of 55 crore shared by Noida and Greater Noida authorities. Work will start within month on the bridges. The bridges will be 210 meters in length and will have carriageway of 18.5 meters width on each side. Service road of 7.5 meters width will be built along the 8 lane bridge.

Bridges Plans:

  • A first bridge will be constructed between sector 150 Noida to Greater Noida sector chi-phi with an 80 meter wide road.
  • A second bridge will be on the road between Greater Noida’s knowledge park 2 and 3 near the 75 meter wide road, which is planned to connect to Faridabad and Noida’s 150 meter wide road.
  • A Third bridge will be located from near LG roundabout in Greater Noida to knowledge park – 3, which connects to a 75 meter wide road near Hindon canal and road between sector 146 and 147 in Noida.
  • A fourth bridge between sector 1 Greater Noida Techzone-4 and sector 112 and 115 in Noida has already been constructed but has been planned to be extended by service roads on both side of the bridge.
  • All the bridges will assist in decongesting areas of Pari Chowk in Greater Noida and Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.

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    Don’t give possession without occupation certificate, Noida Authority warns builders

    Noida Authority has issued a strict warning to developers that it would take legal action against those who give possession of flats without acquiring occupancy certificates (OC). In a notice issued on Wednesday, the Authority’s CEO PK Agarwal has also asked homebuyers to check detail of realty projects, which have been permitted completion certificates in recent months, before taking possession of a residential unit from any developer.
    The Authority issues a completion certificate to a particular building after checking the endorsed design plan. Also it issues an occupancy certificate after examining that project is fit for occupancy. A thorough inspection of the building, which covers basic wellbeing, fire security, lifts, electrical establishments etc, is done by the Authority.

    “If possession is taken over by them (homebuyers) from developers who don’t have the required completion certificates essential for occupancy, it would be at their own risk and Authority would not be considered responsible for it,” the notice says.
    “While issuing possession or completion certificate, the Authority analyses security parts of the structures or building. Officers from various departments of the Authority conduct site inspection. These departments issue them certificates if the buildings agree to security models. So, want to illuminate the purchasers that before taking possession of their flat, they must check with the Authority if the builder has been issued the necessary certificates.” Getting certifications is the developer’s duty. If a group housing project does not have the essential certifications required for a completion declaration and occupants are staying in the units, it could prove to be safety exposure to property and life, Agarwal CEO said.
    On those homebuyers who have already moved into their “dream homes” without the required certificates, Agarwal said that “a board is already in place to conduct immediate checks of projects”.
    Amit Modi, VP, CREDAI (western UP), said “these certificates are compulsory for getting homes registered. Without these certificates, one can’t legally own a house.”

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