Why Prefer Consultant Over developer for home buying?

You may be thinking what is the role of consultant in the real estate home buying?

A property consultant is someone who helps property seeker to buy the best property buy using his years of experience of real estate

The real estate consultant gives the whole required service for a buyer based on the market trend. There are countless advantages you would receive from a property consultant over a developer.

Considering a builder sell only his property,  so there is a lack of choices, you may not able to receive the best neighborhood, locality, amenities as per your specifications. Since a real estate consultant has depth knowledge of the market, they can provide you a number of options as per your requirement.

You may not able to find the desired unit (floor or facing) from a developer and also the builder would force you to buy from the available property. The consultant can help you in provide the best properties on your budget along with various offers and discounts.

If you are thinking to buy a home instantly then you need to do lots of research about the location, upcoming infrastructure in the location, etc, you may still not able to find an appropriate house in your budget. Each property value varies according to location, facilities, and conditions. Finding the best home is a difficult task and you need to spend a prolonged time to understand the market trend in each area.

Home buying is a time taking process and lots of research, government norms and documentation involved in this process. A small mistake can become a reason for a big problem in the future. A real estate consultant is knows everything in detail and can make the home buying process much easier and hassle-free.

A consultant can provide other home services such as interior designing work or they can able to provide you with a good service provider. This would encourage the buyer to preserve time or even can save money by receiving service at a fair price.

Difference between the Consultant and Builders are:


  • Builders don’t have that much option on the property.
  • They offer you a fixed discount.
  • you have to personally visit the builder for Documentations


  • They will let u know all the options falling in your budget and will assist you throughout till the end of home buying.
  • You will get a better deal and discounts from the consultant.
  • They’ll provide you door to door for documents and collection.

Find my Property is an example of a real estate consultant. We are associated with major Developers like Mahagun, ATS, Kalpataru, Gaursons, Ajnara, Panchsheel, Paramount, MIgsun, Nirala, etc many other major builders. We facilitate our buyers with a variety of services to satisfy their requirements along with many properties discounts.

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NBCC needs 8500 crore to complete Amrapali Projects

According to proposal submitted by NBCC (National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd) in Supreme Court, it will require about 8500 crore to complete 46,575 unfurnished flats and will take about three years to do so. The cost includes NBCC fee of about 774 crore. While selling off unsold flats can generate money to the tune of Rs 4,885 crore, the remaining Rs 3,853 crore would have to be raised to meet the total amount required to complete the flats left unfinished by Amrapali builders.

According to affidavit previously filed by Amrapali, it was informed that Rs 5220 crore are needed to complete all these projects. The major difference in the estimate cost of NBCC and Amrapali is in the completion of Leisure Valley Rs 500 crore approx. and Golf Home Rs 700 crore approx. NBCC will act as a project management consultant (PMC) while the construction and completion will be done by contractors. The company however clarified in the proposal that it will not be responsible for Amrapali’s liabilities.

As of now, NBCC has taken the burden of constructing the remaining unfinished Amrapali housing projects within the next three years.

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