YEIDA to hand over 6000 plots and flats in three months

YEIDA to hand over 6000 plots and flats in three months

YEIDA Authority is getting ready to hand over possession of more than 6000 residential plots and flats in the next three months. Some 3055 allottees have already been issued possession letters by authority in January and February this year. 6,029 plots and flats will located in sectors 18, 20, 22A and 22D. While 435 plots will be handed over in pockets 2A and 2C in Sector 18, 666 plots will be handed over in pockets O and Q in Sector 20. 900 plots will also be given in Sector 22D, while 4,028 flats will be handed over in Sector 22A. They had given possession to 55 allottees holding plots measuring 400 metres in pockets A and B of Sector 20. Elaborating on the plots already allotted. “3,000 plots of 300 metres and 500 metres have also been given to allottees in pockets I and J of Sector 18 and in pockets U and T in Sector 20.”

In principle, approved the distribution of Rs 65 crore as enhanced compensation to farmers whose land had been acquired within another month.

According to YEIDA officials, allottees are facing a delay in securing possession of their plots due to farmer agitations.

Farmers from over 77 villages in the area have been agitating for a hiked compensation of 64.7% for their acquired land. In August 2014, the Uttar Pradesh government had directed YEIDA to pay enhanced compensation to farmers.

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Smart City budget for Ghaziabad hiked to Rs 2,901 crore

The budget in the new proposal, which will be sent to the Union urban development ministry, has fixed at Rs 2901 crore. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) had earlier estimated spending of Rs 2200 crore for various civic and infrastructure work. The proposal consists of two components area based development and pan city solutions.
According to the proposal, a sum of Rs 2,122 crore will be spent on area based development and about 1,495 acres of land in the Trans Hindon area of the city will be retrofitted and redeveloped. This area includes portions of Vaishali, Kaushambi and Vasundhara.

An estimated budget worth Rs 779 crore will be used for pan city solutions, aimed at making infrastructure and services better, which will involve the application of various smart solutions with the use of technology.
Meanwhile, out of the total budget, the central government and the UP government will release Rs 500 crore each. Infrastructure works under way in the city with funds from the AMRUT scheme of the central government will further be adjusted into the budget.

The remaining amount will be raised through private partnerships while the GMC is also expected to make a certain quantum of the budget available.

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